Random Journeys Across the Chinese Border

Within the last 24 hours, we have done quite a bit of random traveling to and fro the Chinese border.

Last night, we MTRed to Luo Wu, passed immigration, and boarded a train to Guangzhou East via Zhangmutou. We got off at Zhangmutou, walked through a tunnel, picked up a few movies at a local DVD shop, and hopped on an unmarked grey minivan: the poor man’s alternative to the taxi.

After a good conversation with the driver about Zhangmutou attractions, we arrived at K’s China family home. Unfortunately, K’s finger kept throbbing so we decided to make a quick trip back to a Hong Kong hospital for peace of mind.

At 1pm today, we boarded a 2RMB shuttle bus down to the train station. We caught the departing train to Shenzhen and managed to nab two seats together. We walked to Luo Wu immigration, crossed the border, and MTR-ed to Sheung Shui. Here, we hopped on a minibus that took us to the “hospital”, which turned out to be the wrong hospital that was a half hour highway drive away in Tuen Mun.

This ride was my first highway experience in Hong Kong, and it was quite the experience. For starters, since the maximum speed allowed was 80 kmph, the red light kept flashing and beeping. This appeared to have ruined the rice racer dreams of our driver, who just decided to drive more recklessly instead.

Finally, we have reached Tuen Mun Hospital Urgent Care. Looking forward to the 3 hour wait.




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