Juggling Balls

We are all clowns, juggling with 5 balls, balls of career, health, family, friends and soul. Of the five balls, only the ball of career is made of rubber. If you drop it, it bounces back, but the rest are made of glass. Once you drop it, its gone.

Today was a day of introspection amidst hustle bustle. Woke up naturally at 8 30am and watched a bit of Go Lala Go, a Chinese television series following protagonist Lala as she enters the corporate world and works her way up the ladder. It chronicles her growth, success, and survival through office politics, a micro-managing boss, bureaucracy, and an unmentioned but evidently existent glass ceiling.

I headed to campus and attended my last makeup tutorial, heatedly debating the compromise between efficiency and democracy for the WTO. I finished up several group assignments, and joined K for a nice dinner at Tsui Wah in Central. We had a deep heart-to-heart conversation sitting by the fountain in The Landmark.

Throughout the day, I’ve been replaying snippets of my conversations with Andrea, who is about a month into her new life as a working businesswoman. I’ve seen, heard, and felt her change and growth, and sometimes I wonder how I will change when I soon enter Corporate America myself. Having worked a multiple jobs in multiple sectors since age 14, I’m no stranger to office life. But this time, I will no longer have the distractions of school, on-campus extracurricular responsibilities, nor my identity as a college student. Come August 27th, I will be a full-fledged working professional and officially start juggling those 5 balls.

I have 4 months to get my clown face on. That thought is exceptionally terrifying, and just about equally exhilarating.



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