Simple, Happy, Girly Days

Today was one of those days. Simple, mellow, lazy, girly.

Since Andrea got a day off work for Labor Day, we had a relaxing and girly day planned out. After a crazy taxi ride with a creepy shaking and angrily muttering driver, I finally made it unscathed albeit 20+ minutes late to my lunch date with Andrea at Yung Kee. We feasted on goose, BBQ pork puffs, and other yummy Hong Kong style dishes.

After a fulfilling lunch, the shopping began. After perusing SaSa and stocking up on some face masks, we headed to our usual secret clothing shop: the only place where I actually buy clothes in Hong Kong. We shared the fitting room and each tried on 2394830948923 outfits. Minutes turned into hours before we emerged back on the crowded streets. We headed to IFC for a little Tim Ho Wan pork bun pick-me-up, and continued our girl talk as we strolled around the mall.

We headed back to Andrea’s apartment to relax, attempt to watch a little Spongebob Squarepants in Cantonese with no subtitles (wierd!), and do a face mask. Then we lay there on her bed, listening to our favorite Chinese ballads, and chattered away. For a fleeting moment, it was like nothing had changed since we first time we met in Mr. Nakamura’s PE class a decade ago.

Mondrea. NYC. Thanksgiving 2010

Some days its nice just to enjoy, reflect, cherish, and be incredibly girly.



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