13 Months: EXP Lunch, Avengers 3D and Amber Rainstorm Warning

Today was K & I’s 13 month anniversary. What better way to celebrate than trek out to Kowloon Tong, dine at the ever popular EXP, and top it off with Avengers 3D?

EXP was amazing. It’s sausage and bolognaise pasta was cooked to utmost perfection, and the fried pork chop was just the right texture and chewiness. Our fruit squeezes were healthy and delicious, and the creme brûlée trio was simply exquisite. The outstanding cuisine, coupled with the modern chic decor and the view overlooking the gigantic ice skating rink where figure skaters twirled effortlessly on the ice, was a lovely lunchtime experience.

EXP of Festival Walk. 400+ Likes on OpenRice.


With frappucinos in hand, we headed into AMC and spent the next two hours being utterly wowed by Avengers. It was a melting pot of action, drama and comedy. There was actually a lot of character development for each superhero. I was literally laughing my head off one minute and in utter suspense the next. Avengers 3D was awesome. Like I said, I haven’t seen a bad movie in Hong Kong yet.

Potatoheads & Avengers. AMAZING MOVIE! Highly recommended.

Now K & I are chilling at Airport Express. K is being a super sweetie keeping me company, as Andrea and I leave for the Philippines tonight. There is currently an Amber Rain Storm warning issued across Hong Kong, and many flights are delayed. I seriously hope we can arrive in Pampanga in one piece.



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