High School Ends With a Bang & College Ends in a Whisper.

So true. Today was officially my last day of class as an undergraduate.

I woke up to the sun and thought to myself, today’s going to be great. AT 9:59, I skipped down the stairs to get in line for the HKU shuttle at EXACTLY the same time as K. We got to sit next to each other on the bus for once, so it was a very happy start to my day.

With K!

After a deep discussion on the insecurities caused by globalization in tutorial, I enjoyed my last marketing lecture by Professor Baniel on Corporate Identity. I am really going to miss this guy! He gave us his cell phone number and email address, so I will definitely be a creeper keep in contact with him.

Baniel & I. I'm going to frame this to remember forever!!!

Then, it was time for my last official class ever. I walked up to Meng Wah Complex dressed in business casual for my Multinational Corporations presentation and last official class. I headed up to the 7th floor….and promptly got lost. How embarassing! Yes indeed, there I was going to my last official class in college, and I forgot where it was. After a semester of being in that class. *Blush*.

Ten minutes later, I finally found my classroom and plopped down next to Julia looking slightly frazzled. Professor Chan came in, a few groups presented, and then it was showtime for KFC China. Boom, boom, and boom.

Take a picture with your Professor Day! Professor Chan & I.

At 6:15pm, I walked out done with college…..EXCEPT not really. Perhaps I would feel more different after I am done with next Wednesday’s evil make up tutorial, 3 finals, and about 5 more papers.

It is 10:54 pm, and I am on campus at the 24 hour computer lab blogging, typing up a competitive analysis on KFC, and on hold with Agoda customer service. Fun night.



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