Bonnic and Her Day of Misery.

Its official. My name is now Bonnic. At least according to the lovely HKU Starbucks Staff. Now thats a new one.

Bonnic. But I got a Frappucino Passport so I guess its all good!?

Charged with Starbuck’s new Mocha Cookie Crumble and my ever reliable sausage roll for breakfast, I had a quick meetup with Marketing, zoned out (whats new?) through my last Management class ever, returned to prep with my Marketing Group, and headed into LE7 at 1pm for judgement day by Professor Baniel.

I opened our investment presentation for KFC, and proceeded to power through my 16-slide portion. 2 hours later, Steven and I sneaked out. I spent the next hour frazzled by HKU’s intensely complicated bureaucracy. I traveled to 4 different places on campus and made 3 separate calls (one with my professor) just so I could borrow a microphone for my Born This Way Performance for Sex & Intimacy class tomorrow. Still no dice. I have to go in with my tutorial advisor Eva together tomorrow to make yet another attempt. Sheesh for angry Canto old ladies.

Here I am, exhausted, hoarse, and fat (stress makes me gain 94893028492 lbs so easily), in the music room at Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Center, belting out the lyrics to Born This Way. Fingers crossed I will still have my voice tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I found out on top of everything else, I have ANOTHER 15 page investment report due next Monday. Woohoo!

Face of the Day. Nerd mode = ON.



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