Cranking Out Powerpoints on the Minibus

After my memorable week tearing up HK with Chris, it is now crunch time.

This week is officially my last week of classes as an undergraduate. Fittingly, I have an impressively low number of checkmarks on my ever-expanding to-do list. I have a presentation every day of this week for Marketing, Sex & Intimacy, and Multinational Corporations, 3 Group Papers, 2 case studies, 3 individual essays (2 of them 10 pagers yippee). Fun Fun Fun.

I rolled out of bed, turned my nerd mode on, and charged full speed to school for my 4 meetings today. For a good chunk of the day, I multitasked participating as an active group member, working on individual essays, and booking the cheapest tickets for me and Andrea’s weekend getaway to the¬†Philippines.

At 3pm, I headed down to SoHo for my pedicure at Nail Stoppe and a breather. My pedicurist was extremely attentive to detail and took great care of my poor abused feet and toenails that people love to step on. For the next 1.5 hours, she literally transformed my feet with pretty purple Shellac and her special smooth feet treatment. While I indulged in my usual beauty magazines for the first 15 minutes, my trusty Macbook Air was soon out and my fingers were typing away. She probably thought I was some crazy nerd…

On the minibus back, I found myself cranking out powerpoint slide after slide, all the while slipping and sliding as my crazy mofo of a driver drifted up the curvy mountain. I have definitely reached a new high.



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