Epic Hong Kong

Last night, Chris and I took a late night stroll to Queen Mary’s Hospital and the Pokfulam Cemetery. Continuing our old tradition, we walked down the entire length of the cemetery in the pitch darkness. In the dark, amidst the graves, we sat on benches overlooking the waterfront and had a heart-to-heart. The breeze lapped lightly against our faces as a loose gate made jarring squeaks somewhere in the distance. As the moon prepared to give way, we sat back and reflected on our lessons learned in the past few years. Its been 3 years since that Taiwan summer, and here we are, sitting together in the middle of a cemetery in Hong Kong at 3am on a Wednesday morning.

After making our way down the tiny steps through an entire hill of tombstones, we were lost. We walked all the way down a mountain to see a bunch of Senior Homes in Sandy Bay. How…morbidly convenient, Chris remarked. After some failed google mapping, we made our way up 230948320948903 narrow super steep stairs to Victoria Road, where we walked here and there, and eventually found ourselves at the bottom of Sassoon Road. We arrived home to the birds chirping.

3 hours later, I dragged myself out of bed to attend Globalization lecture. Chris wasn’t as successful. After a long lecture on national sovereignty, K, Chris & I had a tasty lunch at Freshness Burger. I love their Cheesy Balls sooo much.

Chris then decided to be a HKU student for a day, and followed me to Marketing and Sex & Intimacy. The latter course turned out to be 3 hours of fellow student creative presentations, which featured sugggestive dances to Peacock, BDSM Practice Tutorials, CyberSex discussions, etc. Very eye-opening.

After a delicious dinner at Tsui Wah, we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for the Avenue of Stars. And then real crazy sh*t happened. We were posing next to a statue, and I happened to glance over at a group of guys standing next to us. And oh my god..it was Steven, one of my old coworkers from NetApp. Out of all people, out of all places, I just happened to run into this guy in Hong Kong on the street. Amazing.

Chris and I had fun chatting up a storm with Steven and his cool pals, so we decided to go with them to their infamous Chungking Mansion hostel and chill with them. We headed out to Carnegie’s in Wan Chai (girls gotta love Wanchai Wednesdays), and then did some good old LKF exploring.

Then, it was 3am dim sum time. And Mickey Ds. And FML..it is now 5:25 AM on Thursday, those darn birds are chirping again, and I need to be up and eloquent for my Globalization Tutorial at Meng Wah Complex in exactly 5 hours.

Oh man. Good times.



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