Home Shopping

After the intense 5 hour karaoke marathon, I went home and knocked until 1pm. At 3pm, I met up with Andrea in Mongkok for a day of shopping for Andrea’s new place.

We perused Ladies Market, and were unimpressed. Therefore, we decided to stuff our faces instead. We sipped on some Come Buy QQ Ramen + Boba Milk Tea, nibbled on dumplings from Ba Fang Yun Ji, and headed to Jordan. Apparently Temple Street Night Market starts setting up at 3pm daily, so when we arrived around 5 it was already up and running. We had a blast with intense bargaining wars, and emerged triumphant with a black leather jewelry box, Audrey Hepburn painting, comfy flip flops, and many more. We explored the entire length of Temple Street Market, snacked on some Hokkaido Milk Pudding at Gourmet Desserts, and got our palms read by one of the fortune tellers on Market Street. The fortune teller was rather outrageous and funny, but admittedly there was some truth in his words. Very interesting…if all the fortune tellers are all so enlightened, then why are they all crammed into small tents in the back alley of Temple Street Market? Regardless, I am guilty of being a superstitious Asian who can’t help but be curious about “fate”.

Then it was back to Mongkok to pick up cute Rilakkuma floormats and phone holders, as well as a yummy dinner at my favorite Cooked Foods Market Stall. Sadly, the curry chicken bread bowl combo was not as good as my usual beef brisket.

We picked up the last of Andrea’s belongings at her temporary place, and spent the remainder of the night turning her new apartment into her new home.



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