Sing K Weekend!

Go big or go home. It is 5 30 am, and I just got home from Red Mr in Wan Chai. I had a blast screaming my head off with my bestie and my boyfriend for 6 hours straight.

On Friday night, I karaoked for the first time in Hong Kong. So ironic, since in America I am a total karaoke addict. I had a blast with JP, Nick, and K at Neway in Tsim Sha Tsui, going hard to throwbacks and getting drunk off 3 sips of Absolut. Yes, I have amazing tolerance. It was quite a difference experience from my usual Asian ballad-packed lineups, but the boys definitely showed me whats good. We went all out, I died after my sips, and I ended up passing out for something like 12 hours.

Today was spent helping Andrea move in to her new apartment. We shopped for house supplies, bedding and home appliances around Central & Sai Wan. I felt so happy for my best friend – this is her first real “pad”. While to others it might have seemed like we were just running mundane errands, I think both of us thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt very “xin fu”. As we tried out different memory foam pillows and shower mats at Wing On, I couldn’t help but think about my own upcoming experience when I move in to my own room for the first time in 5 years. In 4 months, I will follow in Andrea’s footsteps and officially enter the “real world”. While anxious and nostalgic about childhood, I’m also really excited.

For dinner, Andrea took us to an absolutely amazing dinner at Tango Australian Steak House located in the heart of LKF. The bread with butter/salsa was delicious, cheese was absolutely divine, and the medium rare rib-eye steak with 6 different sauces sent me straight to taste bud heaven.

@ Tango, DELICIOUS steakhouse in the heart of LKF

After seriously stuffing our bellies (FML I’m always stuffing my face in HK), we decided to head to Red Mr in Wan Chai. It was SO nice, which much better sound system, song selection, and service than Neway. I loved the color scheme too, very chic with two of my favorite colors: red and black. For the next 6 hours, we sipped milk tea, chatted, and sang our voices hoarse. From Aerosmith to Jolin, Beatles to Chinese Oldies, we covered it all.

New favorite KTV Place. Loving the color scheme, and SO NICE!

I guess I definitely broke my Asia Karaoke Fast this weekend!



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