Reunions, Baby Mammoths and Temple Street

I jolted awake this morning way before my Sleep Time alarm started sounding. Today, K’s daddy was due to visit Hong Kong, and naturally, we decided to introduce him to the world of Tim Ho Wan. Despite my early awakening, we somehow still managed to be fashionably late. Hehe oops! A 15 minute wait and cute father-son reunion later, I was stuffing my face with my beloved char siu baos. Pure happiness.

Turns out K’s daddy and uncle are headed to China first, so we sent them off and decided to take a nice stroll around IFC and Central under the sun. We came upon the woolly mammoth exhibit, featuring a gigantic mammoth skeleton, as well as the real fossilized remains of Lyuba, the 42,000 year old baby mammoth found miraculously (almost) intact! Soo interesting, and so…morbidly cute! We missed our Thailand elephant Squishy. So much, that I went to City Super (fancier version of Whole Foods) and bought a cute elephant toothbrush topper! Or rather, K bought me one. Elephants wheeee!

Mammoth Exhibit at IFC!

Why hello there.

Meet Lyuba.

I love elephants!

K and I headed Mongkok Cooked Foods Market for dinner, and hungrily demolished our curry beef bread bowl combo with delicious soup. Afterwards, we headed out to Jordan to rediscover Temple Street Market.

For a Friday night, there was not as much hustle bustle as I expected. We walked down the main market street, got trapped into a stall by a passing firetruck (man it was a tight squeeze), and headed for the back alleys. The knockoff luxury goods guys weren’t there, so we decided to explore freely. We ended up following the street to an entire section of fortune tellers and tarot card readers. Very mystic…We kept going, and walked past interesting stands selling all sorts of fake boobs and other X-rated goodies. Finally, we reached the more local part of Temple Street Market. In all of Hong Kong, I would say this is as close as it gets to a Taiwan night market. I purchased a pair of red elephant earrings for 20HKD!

We headed to Club Sarang, met up with JP & Nick, and launched our epic night of singsong madness at Neway!



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