Nostalgia and Chocolate Potato Chips

Waiting for the minibus this morning, I was approached by 3 strangers to share a cab to school. Since the bus wasn’t coming, I agreed. As we sped down Pokfulam, waves of nostalgia washed over me. Every morning in Summer 2009, there’d be a few stragglers speeding out of Prince Dorm late to get to National Taiwan University ICLP. And every time, there’d be 4 or 5 particular lazy ones (*cough* yours truly) turned off by the prospect of dragging their hungover selves to school under the scorching sun. Therefore, they’d hail a taxi, pile in, and cab the 15 minute walk to class.  Those glorious, lazy, happy days.

I'll never forget

I ended up riding for free, since one of the guys had no change and stuffed a 20 in my hand.

After getting back to the routine of class, zone-out, meeting, class, I was happily interrupted by my truly lovely marketing professor Baniel. That guy is so sweet, hilarious, and interesting! He brought us all sorts of premium chocolates from Japan, showed us a Chinese propaganda film featuring him in a cameo, and spent 20 minutes of class time having the class participate in “lucky draw”, where he proceeded to give away expensive Japanese earphones, dolls, premium stationary, and Iphone stickers. What a happy guy 🙂 He also introduced me to the world of chocolate potato chips. What a weird, fattening, yet oddly delicious combo!

Hello, Chocolate Potato Chip.

Steven and Professor Baniel! So cute!

Sex & Intimacy Tutorial today consisted of an intense debate over the motion that one should not sell his/her body for money. So intense. I was extremely bothered when a local HKU student voiced her opinions on prostitutes. Since they are meeting one this Friday for their group project, she said that she would not want to shake hands with her interviewee. Or she would wash her hands after doing so…since apparently she believes it would be “unclean”, and that she could catch a disease. Andrew, a fellow Cal Bear in my tutorial, immediately spoke up and assured her that she would not contract STDs by mere physical contact. We were both slightly bothered that our GSI did not bother to set her straight. I guess its a case of cultural difference?

For my S & I group project on homosexual relationships, I am going to attempt to rewrite and perform Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.



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