Crystal Cabins to Lantau Island

First time home in 36 hours…we ended up getting back to Hong Kong sometime in the early morning hours, so I crashed at Andrea’s temporary place in Olympus. 4 hours later, I found myself on the road again in order to meet my dad in Fortress Hill at 9 30 am. So intense. In the last two days, I don’t know how many footsteps I’ve left all over Macau and Hong Kong.

After complications with checking out and obtaining a receipt, we finally met up with K in Central around 10 30. Together, we headed to Tung Chung Station, where Ngong Ping 360 Cable Cars awaited.

We chose the pricier (yet totally worth it, as we realized) 188 HKD round trip crystal cabin cable car journey with clear glass viewing bottoms, and enjoyed an absolutely stunning view of Lantau Island, quite literally, at our feet.

Waiting to board!


Crystal Cabin!

After the amazing cable car ride, we stepped outside just in time to feel bright rays of sunlight shine over us. It was seriously perfect timing, as if Ngong Ping Village and the Big Buddha were welcoming us. We strolled through the village, witnessing a professional pogo stick  athlete do amazing flips off and camwhoring at I ❤ HK.


So Pro!

Refreshing ourselves with a delicious authentic 10HKD bowl of tofu pudding, we paused at the gate to take our first good look at the famous Giant Buddha. Then, we started the trek up the many flights of steps. I’m so ashamed to say, Daddy Weng was perfectly fine, but us fatties were huffing and puffing, totally out of breath. Aiya!



Being up there close to the buddha, looking out at the vast green mountains, made me feel quite zen. Due to my intense Macau trip and sleep deprivation, I had been fighting drowsiness and sore feet all day. However, when I was up there, enjoying the refreshing breeze, experiencing this silent dialogue with nature all around me, I felt a sense of serenity. All of the tourists, the flashing cameras, the commercial aspect of the tourist destination, all that didn’t matter anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience walking around the Big Buddha with the two most important men in my life.

A quick stop at Po Lam Monastery later, we walked back through Ngong Ping Village, and took the beautiful cable car ride back down. Once again, I was wowed by the breathtaking scenery that seemed to call out to me from every direction.

Oh my god.

Once back in civilization, we accompanied my dad to Sham Shui Po (what a stark contrast…) for a quick perusal of electronic goodies. Then, it was time to send Daddy Weng off again so he could make his Shenzhen dinner date.

For the rest of the evening, K & I pigged out in Yau Ma Tei, explored Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, and watched Man On a Ledge. That movie was intense! Highly recommended, great heist story and interesting plot, had me at the edge of the seat for most of the movie.

After all this traipsing about around Hong Kong and Macau, I’m so happy just to sink into my tiny but cozy little bed and just…breathe.


P.S. Will update Macau pictures soon!


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