Macau Getaway with the Bestie!

Currently stuck at the Macau Ferry Terminal. Apparently due to Easter Holiday and/or huge influx of Mainlanders, there are no tickets left tonight back to HK. That is, none over the table. After waiting futilely in two lines to realize all were sold out, I consulted a security cop to realize tickets could be purchased at 319 HKD in the discreet side office with some random agency. For 12 30 am departure. We took it, since Andrea has to wake up at 5 30 am for work. Typing up this blog post amidst the chaos that is Macau Ferry Terminal.

Andrea and I met up at Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan at 12:30 for the Ferry to Macau. The hour long ride was made enjoyable with heart-to-heart to Andrea. I stepped out my first step on Taipa, the island south of the main Macau island (I had no idea about its existence). We hopped on one of the free hotel shuttles catered towards swooping up tourists, crossed the Macau Bridge, and found ourselves inside the Grand Lisbon.

Our first stop was the Macau Landmark: the ruins of St. Paul. We made our way down the tourist filled streets, basking in the relatively more relaxed pace of Macau. We ended up at St. Paul’s Square, which was beautiful with Portuguese-style architecture galore. After gleefully sampling all of the delicious goodies at Koi Kei Bakery, we made our way down the crowded streets toward our destination. Many European-style buildings, pearl milk tea, and tourist stampedes later, we arrived triumphant in front of our destination. We climbed up the steps, and got an up-close-and-personal look at the famous walls.

Famous Macau Ruins

Mondrea in Macau!

Next, we taxied to the Venetian in Taipa. For the next few hours, we explored the magnificent casino and Grand Canal Mall that recalled the likes of Venice. I have got to say, strolling through a mall while enjoying the clear blue “sky” above and gondolas with singing gondoliers that floated by in the middle of the mall is quite the refreshing experience. Except when you get lost. Multiple times. Since apparently you can only exit from the casino level. Oops.

So nice!

@ Venetian.

When we exited, it was already nighttime. Boy, Macau is beautiful with its luxury hotels, flashing lights, and stunning architecture.

Asian Vegas



Since taxis are apparently a hot commodity here, we walked to Guan Ye Street, which is a quaint little street packed with delicious eats. Especially featured were Dumbo and other Portuguese cuisine restaurants. Deciding to turn down the hour wait for Dumbo, we wandered around and opted for Cozinha Pinocchio. Best decision ever, hands down. The Portuguese roast suckling pig was the most delicious dish I have tasted in a looong time. The bread was crispy, the kale was fresh, and the codfish balls were exquisite. Highly recommended!

Din Din!

Guan Ye Street


After getting ripped off for some Mu Kang pudding, we headed to Taipa pier. We were met with a sea of people, and told: no more tickets for tonight. What?!!

We jumped on a free shuttle to Sands, and quickly jumped to another one to Macau. We were met with organized chaos. An hour later, here we are camping out, waiting for the ride home.

See you soon, Macau.

Intense ending to a relaxing and happy day in Macau with my best friend.



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