HK International Lighting Fair & NomNoms!

Daddy Weng has come to HK again!

Last night I was chilling over at K’s, chatting with Nick, JP, and Alyssa til the wee hours of morning, so I was completely zombie status as I bounced down the mountain on minibus. After a fashionably late meetup with Daddy Weng, we all but dashed to Tim Ho Wan in the IFC for those unforgettable pork buns. One excruciating hour later, we finally plopped into three of those oh-so-coveted seats. When I sunk my teeth in a tender juicy little piece of heaven, I knew all was worth it.

LIttle Balls of Heaven

Reunited again!

After a thoroughly satisfying meal, we clutched our pot bellies and headed to Wan Chai for Hong Kong Convention & Exhibit Center for the HK International Lighting Fair. Thanks to my daddy, K & I were able to get in free and snag some swag! For the rest of the afternoon, we walked around the huge exhibition center looking at 9038429084 booths, pretending to understand people’s technical pitches, and “resting” while my dad blazed full force forward to explore with great interest. While I was mostly confused, I’d say it was definitely a good experience.


LED Exhibit Booths!

After an interesting check-in experience at Daddy Weng’s Fortress Hill hotel, we taxied to Tomokazu in Wan Chai to join Andrea for a lovely dinner. Its been five years since my dad and bestie last saw each other, so over a delicious meal of sashimi, prime rib, tempura, and goose pate fried rice and good conversation, I suddenly felt really lucky. Here I was, halfway across the world on exchange in Hong Kong, enjoying a delicious dinner with my dad, my best friend of a decade, and my boyfriend.

Bestie &BF

Daddy & Monie

I’m feeling so blessed.



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