3 AM Dim Sum, Dark Graveyard Alleyways & Impromptu Trip to Guangzhou

Last night, K and I ventured out at 2:30 in the morning for a 40 minute trek down Pok Fu Lam into Kennedy Town. We chose the route we took last time to Mickey D’s with Nick & JP, with the shortcut in the dark alley next to the cemetery. For one reason or the other, 2 crazily barking dogs hovering around you as you walk down the deserted path is a lot less chill when you are only armed with Iphone flashlights and one other companion.

Finally, we made it to Kennedy Town unscathed. The area was deserted, save a stray drunk or lone taxi. Within a few minutes, we stood triumphant in front of San Hing Restaurant.

Deserted streets

San Hing 新興食家, 10 Hau Wo St., Kennedy Town, +852 2816 0616. Open daily, 3 a.m. - 4 p.m.

At 3am, the place was abustle with an eclectic mix of nocturnal elderly and young folk. We grabbed seats, cleansed our utensils in a bowl of hot water HK-style, and got up to select our dim sum goodies, which were self serve on a counter.

Packed at 3am

Self Serve Dim Sum

We grabbed a char siu bao (which turned out to be a deceptive poser other bao), their signature lau sa bao, preserved egg and pork porridge, and fried milk. My favorites have gotta be the lau sa bao & fried milk. The lau sa bao held true to its name and was literally like lau sa (quicksand) spilling out of the bun. The fried milk had a unique texture and taste, and was completely not what I expected. We left San Hing happy and fulfilled.

After singing at the top of my lungs while walking around the deserted town, we made our way back up the deserted dark alley. Thankfully, our favorite barking friends were off catching z’s.

Last night, Vincent, K & I also booked train tickets to Guangzhou for today. I guess Hong Kong disapproves, since right when I was about to head out, it started pouring torrents of rain. Just my luck.

Oh well, I’m off! Excited to see where this unplanned little journey takes me.



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