Qing Ming Holiday

Today is Qing Ming Holiday. To many exchange students, this merely means an extra day in the middle of the week to relax and enjoy Hong Kong. But to the majority of Hong Kong’s 7,067,800 or so residents, today is a day dedicated to honor the memorials of their relatives.

For someone like me, born in China but raised and educated in America, this holiday doesn’t mean much. All four of my grandparents that I’ve had the good fortune to know and love are healthy and well. Having spent almost my whole life in various United States of America, I honestly don’t have much concept about Qing Ming except that its a tomb-sweeping day of remembrance.

At noon, we headed to Mongkok Langham Place to reunite with my best friend Andrea. It was soooo nice to just chat and catch up over lunch, and the food at Thai Orchid made me miss Thailand so much. After lunch, we stuffed ourselves further at Creations with mango deliciousness. Spending time with her made me feel so lucky to have best friends that I can not see for months or even years, yet be able to pick up right where we left off. Thats the sheer preciousness of true friendship. Andrea, Elena (HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!), Farrah, Jeff, Angela, Laura and, of course, my boyfriend K…I’m so blessed.

Reunited in Mongkok

Heading back out to Causeway Bay to meet Andrea for girls-only date!



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