Thailand Chronicles II: Bangkok Temples, City Life, and Cabbages & Condoms.

Bangkok is a city of stark contrast: the bustling modernity with a twist of scandal juxtaposed with a rich history rooted in its exquisite architecture and temples. The rich sip 600 baht cocktials off rooftop lounges in the Silom Financial District, while the poor make do in dilapidated shacks as they always have. During my 1.25 days in Bangkok, I caught a glimpse of these complex contradictions that converge with the city’s heartbeat to form a uniquely Thai symphony.

Bangkok Temples: Wat Pho & Wat Arun

Beautiful Wat Pho

Architectural Masterpiece

World's Largest Reclining Buddha

My favorite temple: Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn.

K doing a pretty pose

The pictures speak for themselves. The sheer beauty of the architecture overwhelmed me with a sense of awe. As I donned a modest sari to pay my respects to the Sitting Buddha, I felt a wave of peace flow over me.

Patpong: Bangkok Nights

The sights and smells we took in that lovely morning in the Rattanakosin District were definitely a far cry from our Patpong experience, although each was so very memorable in its own way.

Patpong Night Bazaar, Still Going Strong at 2am

Friendly Tuk Tuk Drivers

A random walk down an alley

The Thailand Themed Restaurant Experience: Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

The restaurant was conceptualized to help promote understanding of family planning, and based off the proclamation that condoms should be as widely available as cabbages. Their website quips, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy. Instead of a mint, they send customers off with condoms. The ambience is amazing, with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. The food is scrumptious, and service is top notch. Life-sized figures fully clothed with thousands of condoms and birth control pills meticulously stitched together greet customers before the door, and the walls, tables, and even the subtly condom-covered lamp turn the venue into somewhat of a Condom Discovery Wonderland.

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant Entrance.


Condom Decorated Table

Have you met Santa Condom & Wife?

My favorite one.


Condom Potatoheads

Thanks for the memories, Bangkok.



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