Getting My Adventure Face On.

When I rolled out of bed this morning with 3.5 minutes to spare for the shuttle, I felt nothing farther from adventurous…all I wanted to explore was the cozy depths of my hot pink comforter. With crazy hair that I proceeded to make even crazier with a failed ponytail, sweatpants, my comfy HKU Business & Economics sweatshirt thrown over my PJ top, and zero makeup, I was quite the attractive beauty. Blerrrrrgghh..

At least my floormate Paula and I made the shuttle. After a nice chat with Paula about HKU in comparison to her Dutch home university, I strolled into my Globalization & World Order tutorial, particpated once, and proceeed to pass out with my eyes open for the rest of tutorial. After tutorial, my pink comforter was calling my name, so I made a fair swap of lunch and bedtime. I burrowed deep into my covers, all warm and fuzzy, and caught up on beauty sleep. When I woke up (naturally, hallelujah!), I felt recharged.

Then it was time to pack…for THAILAND!

Tonight, K & I will meet up with my bestie Andrea at HK Airport, pig out on Tsui Wah, and head to Bangkok. I am so excited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Woohoo! It even kind of looks like me!

After sending out a few enquiries on travel packages, the wording on one reply we got on elephant rides cracked me up.

90min elephant ride (based on two people sharing an elephant)
* If you body is quite big “might single person on an elephant surcharge” so that you do not share the elephant, it is an extra 800 baht
If you are extra/very large it may not be possible to fit 2 people on 1 elephant. In this case there may be a surcharge.

K is still butthurt about the time we ziplined in Hainan and he was rejected since the worker insisted he was over the weight limit (although he wasn’t) and would break their cords. Awwww!

Stay tuned!



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