Central Escapades & Hunger Games [UPDATED w Pics!]

The first half of today was dedicated to being a good student and reading various publications on the IMF and World Bank, interlaced with intermittent planning of my trip to Bangkok & Chiang Mai. At 3, we finally went for lunch at our favorite Queen Mary’s hospital canteen, meeting up with Vincent. There’s a possibility that I might go with him to Vietnam for RRR week! Halong Bay, Danang, Saigon…If I don’t go now, I don’t know when I’ll have the chance next time. Plus, it will be special to Vincent as his first trip to find his roots. You only live once.

At 4, we met up with Mandy, Jean, John and Sed to go shooting around Central. In Mandy’s words, we wanted to capture the raw Hong Kong. Especially in the wake of the political protests going on over the controversial elections, it made for a suitable day to capture that rawness.

We snapped pictures all over Central, from the IFC rooftop, Midlevels, to Soho. Then, we took the 4x to Sai Wan Central Court, eventually wandering into WSJ-acclaimed Ling Heung Kui for a nice dinner of goose, black pepper beef, and buns. Albeit a little pricey (50 HKD per person), it was a delicious meal. I will upload some pictures soon!

After taxiing to the IFC with Jean & Mandy, K and I are relaxing on the rooftop, enjoying the gorgeous night views of Kowloon waiting for our 9 45 Hunger Games showing.

I’ll admit it, this city is really growing on me.


Shadows. Swinging Chairs atop IFC. Black & White Iphone Pics

HK Street Art.

Fresh Food Market

Candid. @ Lin Heung Kui

When I look up

And by the way, Hunger Games was an intense & captivating movie. I haven’t watched a bad movie in Hong Kong yet!



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