Windy Wednesdays: Sushi Night Out, Compensated Dating Fail & Literally Getting Blown Away

I swear, one of the top perks of living at the top of a mountain is that I get to enjoy a nice cooling breeze whenever the weather dips a little. Not really. In actuality, what I get is intense wind that literally almost blows me away and blinds me with my hair whenever I turn against the wind. Even worse, its causing the overly thin & tall palm tree in the courtyard, that looks like it might snap in half any minute, to swing left and right right over my head whenever I walk past. Not unnerving at all.

Thankfully, last night’s wind monster stayed at home when I met up with a group of exchange students to go to Sushi One in Causeway Bay for 1/2 off sushi (offer starts at 10, and lasts for roughly an hour). We minibused down and successfully found the restaurant 45 minutes early, so we walked around Times Square. Julia, Lucy and I were approached by a HK Design School student who was apparently doing a photography/lifestyle & fashion project. After quite a long time of him persuading us, each of us took turns taking 2 awkward shots for the guy, leaving our names and emails. Interesting…I definitely felt like a true fashionista in my 199 NTD ($6.7) dress.

We finally got a table after waiting briefly in line, and immediately hunkered down over a few menus and plenty of color coded black, green & purple order sheets. The minimum per person was 160 HKD (50% off, so each person would pay 80), so I totally let loose and went crazy on the salmon sashimi. It took everyone quite a long time to order and we found out later that apparently the purple sheet isn’t half off (sneaky sneaky), but we eventually got all of our delicious sushis. Chow time!!

Sushi One!

Keep em coming!

Sushi rating would probably be a 3.5/5, but since I am usually so sushi deprived (K hates seafood), the table was overflowing in abundance, and we enjoyed that fat discount, I was in sushi heaven. I ordered Alaska Roll, Exotic Salmon & Mango Flower, Slapjack Tuna Sashimi (ew…way too fishy), Salmon Sashimi, 3 tastes of Salmon Nigiri, and threw in some ox tongue to hit the minimum. Did anyone pick up that I am OBSESSED with salmon? I absolutely adore salmon sashimi.

Today I dreamed that I woke up at 8am and was nice and early for my 9 30 Globalization & World Order lecture. Reality reflected no such thing, as I rolled out of bed at 10 20 to try to catch the last snippets of lecture. Fail.

The rest of the day came and went, until my favorite Sex and Intimacy lecture. Today’s topic was Compensated Dating and all forms of commodified sex. We had a guest speaker who was an expert on the topic. Since this is a subject of interest for me, I was pretty excited and perked up in my seat ready to listen…that is…until she opened her mouth and started to spew out Cantonese faster than I could comprehend “nei ho ma?” I was completely lost within the first minute of her speech. For the next hour or so, I zoned in and out, picking up words and phrases here and there but failed to string anything together to make sense of it. Fail again.

After a failed meeting where only half of the members showed up, I called it a day and hopped on a minibus back home. Once I stepped out the bus, I was greeted with the flashing lights of a police truck and a huge burst of intense wind. I had to literally push forward against the force to make it back home. Intense.

Now in the (relative) comfort of my bed, I am curled up watching dramas and enjoying the world wide web, instead of prepping for my Multinational Corporations presentation tomorrow. Typical, huh?



3 thoughts on “Windy Wednesdays: Sushi Night Out, Compensated Dating Fail & Literally Getting Blown Away

  1. bummer about the expensive sushi! And lol about the guest speakers in Sex and Intimacy… everything I’ve heard about that class makes me really wish I was taking it!

    Anyways Mona, I’ve been wondering. How the heck do you keep blogging every day? I just discovered today the benefits of writing during my Music and Greek lectures (terribly boring 2-hr lectures), but I can’t exactly do that all week… Any thoughts?

    PS lol about Kasey not liking seafood. I don’t get it, haha

  2. you should drop by a sex lecture! its wednesdays 3-5 at LE8 😉 Iemme noe whenever and i’ll save you a spot.

    As for blogging, it all started with my sole new years resolution to blog one post every day of 2012, since i knew it would a year of big change for me. At first it was really just to see how disciplined i could be and provide a means to update my friends back home, but over the months I really got into it and its now a part of my daily routine.

    there are still some days where i’m like meh or feel like i’m oversharing/blabbing, and I’m aware that some days (traveling to exotic places) are much more “blog-worthy” than others, but to me its authentic and personally meaningful to chronicle the mundane along with the interesting. I don’t know if i can keep it up the whole year, but right now its a part of me to collect daily memories of my 2012. I’ve also been drawn into the blogging community, and its been a really rewarding experience. How about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts about blogging!

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