The Tim Ho Wan Experience.

At last, I have successfully squeezed into a table at the tiny Mongkok hole-in-wall where magic happens, in the shape of 5 HKD Michelin-rated BBQ Pork Buns (char saw bao). At 3pm, we rushed out of Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit A2 to meet Martin & Catherine in front of Tim Ho Wan. As expected, we were greeted with the now familiar crowd of people queuing outside the door, the somewhat grungy storefront, and construction on wobbly bamboo stocks in front of the building.

Martin popped into view, and we were happily reunited. I am so jealous of this globetrotting fellow, who just returned from his travels all over Europe including Italy, France, and Switzerland. After dinner, they headed for China, and have a whole bunch of travel itineraries for them to complete in the coming months.

The wait time was much less painful with stimulating conversation and company, and thankfully much shorter (around 45 minutes). After the lady yelled “150!”, we all but dashed into the restaurant. It was so cramped that our server had to move the tables in order for us to get in to our seats. Ten looong minutes later, the food started flowing in. I was in dim sum HEAVEN. The BBQ Pork Buns were delectable, with just the right combination of slightly sweet skin & gooey pork filling. The custard buns were just the right sweetness, while the spare ribs hit the spot without the usual oily dim sum aftertaste. And it kept coming.

Stuffing our faces in delight.


After Tim Ho Wan, we happily rubbed our pot bellies and attempted to walk off some calories at Ladies Street just a couple blocks away. Catherine got a spiffy bright red bag, and we all headed toward the MTR. We bid farewell on the metro at TST, and waved as they disappeared into the crowd. I wish them safe travels and the best of luck!