Central, Causeway, TST, Stanley, Aberdeen

Sunny Sundays are prime days for roaming HK.

Delicious Dessert @ 大佳B in Aberdeen!

We started off our day at Ling Heung Tea House for dim sum in Central. It was…authentic…albeit slightly TOO authentic for my tastes in terms of food offerings, ambience, and (general lack of cleanliness) of utensils and tables. After our very brief excursion, we met up with Rose, CS & Jonathan at IFC.

Together, we headed to Causeway Bay for Yi Shun Milk Custard, which was delicious as usual. We sampled a couple other flavors, including coffee (nasty combo) & egg custard (way too eggy and tasted a little like..fetus..), and concluded that the original is by far superior. Next stop was the desserts cafe across from Five Generations Desserts in TST, which we just ordered to go. I don’t recall the name, but the mango flower dessert we consumed later was mediocre at best.

We enjoyed a bumpy ride up and back down Pokfulam to pick up K’s DSLR, and boarded the 260 to Stanley via Repulse Bay. Originally hoping to shoot the sunset at the beach for K’s Visual Journalism project, we realized that the sun had already went off duty when we emerged from the tunnel.

Therefore, we decided to get off at Stanley Market. Walking along the Promenade, I felt a huge wave of nostalgia. Farrah, David and I came here together back in January, and we shared many happy moments here. I retraced our footsteps from the plaza to the rocks, and thought back on all that has happened since then. Man, I really miss seeing Farrah, and those Berkeley days where we hung out all the time and gchatted every single day. Haas Cafe, KKK, Badminton, Berkeley Hills. 🙂 Thank god for technology and the world wide web.

Stanley gives off a slightly different type of beauty at night. Many of the shops at Stanley were closed, and most of the people roaming about were either tourists or couples. Surprisingly, there were not many lights to illuminate the view, so the waters looked dark yet serene. It’s funny, since in the daytime the waters are the highlight, but at night the restaurants & bars along the waterfront come alive with lights and people as the prime attraction.

Stanley Piazza

Credit to K & his DSLR. Stanley Promenade



After many lovely pictures (aka cam-whoring by yours truly), we hopped on a minibus to Aberdeen. Here we are at Tsui Wah yet again for Dinner #2 after a small tasting of Genki Sushi, K’s (least) favorite: sashimi! Stunning discovery of the day: the Tsui Wah in Aberdeen is a good several HKD cheaper per dish compared to the LKF store that we frequent. Perhaps it is due to lower rent/location? Interesting.



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