Escapades with Daddy Weng

7am rude awakenings by unwelcome buzzing mosquito guests, who decide to feast on your face for breakfast, are always a great way to start off a busy day…

Thankfully, the rest of the day was much more pleasant. I headed out at 8 30 for Causeway Bay to meet up with Daddy Weng, and escort him back up the lovely hill I call home for 3 more months. He was very… my student flat as well as the cleanliness of my room. College living, ghetto style woot woot!

After, I took him for a personal tour of the HKU campus, which took a grand total of 20 minutes. Then it was back down the mountain, on my dad’s first double decker. He marveled at how narrow the roads were and how screwed we are if we are in a hurry whenever there is traffic.

Daddy & Monie @ HKU Sun Yat-sen Square!

Next stop was Tim Ho Wan, the legendary Michelin Star hole-in-the-wall for dim sum. Mission unsuccessful. We finally arrived at 1pm in front to see “Today is Full” on the door. The waiter tells us to return at 3pm. Determined to get my paws on those famous BBQ pork buns, I plan accordingly so that we would be right at the door at 3.

I take Daddy Weng for a tour of Yau Ma Dei & Mongkok, ending up at Langham Place (my favorite mall in HK) with some more Gong Cha in hand.  After 2 hours of exploring, we rush back to Tim Ho Wan to see all of China in front of the store…the waiter recognizes me and congratulates me, “Wait time only an hour now!” Yipee…”Take out? No problem. Only forty-five minutes!” (Add grumpy old Canto man accent at your discretion)

Since my dad had a plane to catch and needed to be at Jiu Long Tang to transfer to East Rail Line towards Shenzhen by 5, we decided those delectable buns will have to wait until next time. While I was depressed about our Dim Sum fail, I wouldn’t give anything for the 2 hours of heart-to-heart I enjoyed with my dad at a random dog-themed coffee shop (which tasted really bad…but oh well). While we talked mostly about business development and entrepreneurship, I learned a lot about my dad that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I think the same applied to him about me.

At 5, K successfully met us up, and we accompanied my dad to Jiu Long Tang and sent him off on the Luo Hu train. For the remainder of the night, we explored Festival Walk of Jiu Long Tang, and watched A Simple Life at AMC Theaters. It was so touching and realistic, and so intricately…simple. I’m not to ashamed to say the waterworks were on high around my eyes. Highly recommended as well.

Really makes you take a step back and appreciate the people and simple moments in your life.



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