Footsteps All Over the City

So two days ago I get this email out of the blue from my Daddy Weng exclaiming woohoo I’m coming to Hong Kong in two days, book a hotel for me and play with me this weekend!

Ever since that email, I’ve been traipsing around Hong Kong for one reason or other. Now happily nestled in bed with an ice cream bar, I would say these sore feet were worth it.

Last night’s festivities entailed a walk along Central to revisit the Gui Ling Gao (Turtle Jelly) shop and Princess Paradise. Since K & the shop owner hit it off last time I went shopping there, he chose her and her shop as the subject of his journalism project. Craving all things Taiwanese, we MTRed to Yau Ma Dei in search of Gong Cha. My heart literally rose, and fell with a huge thump, when I saw Hot Star Chicken Fry…but realized they don’t sell any of their magical milk teas in Hong Kong. Thankfully, Gong Cha was an acceptable substitute, although the Nai Gai (Gong Cha’s specialty sweet milk foam on top) was a tad too salty.

We roamed to Mongkok Langham place, and decided on impulse to catch the midnight showing of Nightfall, a thriller starring Simon Yam. We ended up exploring the top floors of Langham Place, which was quite dazzling in terms of architectural design.

Nightfall ended up to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommended, great twist, haunting plot, amazingly memorable acting talent.

Major Props to Nick Cheung & Simon Yam for superb acting.

As for today, I headed to Causeway Bay for a salon appointment to unwind and relax. At 2, K & I coordinated a meet up at Admiralty, and we rode the MTR to Tsuen Wan (end of the red line) to pick up Daddy Weng. For the next couple hours, it was Tsuen Wan -> Causeway Bay -> Central. Unfortunately Daddy Weng’s idea of “budget accomodations for one night” highly conflicted with my ghetto traveler’s mind. He was probably expecting the likes of Crowne Plaza (where he usually stays in HK), while my mind went HOSTELWORLD! The end result was my awkward smile as my dad checked out his tiny ghetto single private hostel room in Causeway Bay. Yeah…

After a lovely dinner at Tsui Wah, we headed to the Peak Tram and finally, for my first time ever, ascended to the lovely Peak. We admired the views from the Sky Terrace. Unfortunately, fog decided to play nightview hide-and-seek with us, but the sight before us was still captivating. Hong Kong is beautiful.

Visit the Peak. Check!

The fog actually adds to the beauty. Great job Iphone!

My personal favorite shot of the night.

To provide Daddy Weng with another viewing perspective, we led him to the IFC rooftop, which seemed enveloped in  fog while high buildings peaked out around us. Gorgeous. There were also artistic metal spinning chairs, and that was where we ended our escapades for the night, spinning around looking up at the night.



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