Reviews are Up!

My nifty little reviews section I mentioned in my previous My Tummy is Rumbly post is now up in beta! Check it out at my new Reviews Page.

Taiwan is my favorite place in Asia, so naturally I went all out in my 12 day trip around the Island. The Review page will feature reviews and tips from yours truly about cool things/places to eat, drink, sleep & explore. Please give me feedback on what you would like to see, and what I can do to provide more useful info. I will add more and keep building to the list as time goes on. Obviously, I would go crazy on reviewing the pearl milk teas first. Here is a teaser:

Pearl Milk Tea, since I am a half shot wonder

1. Hot Star Chicken Fry Japanese Roasted Milk Tea 豪大大雞排淡水店   5/5

How can you say no to a large milk tea with an ACTUAL tea bag in it? I was mind blown when we peered into the cup after gleefully gulping down the drink in all of 10 seconds. Only negative is it is a bit on the relatively pricey size, 70 NT since it only comes in a large cup.

2. Come Buy 現泡の茶公館店   5/5

Although not as amazingly fresh as the Hao Da Ji Pai tea (no teabag, sad face), Come Buy holds it own with its trademark 絕代雙Q (fancy schmancy name for Boba + QQ Ramen Milk Tea). The price is cheap too – 25 for a small cup and 35 NT for a large cup. Apparently they offer a roast milk tea option as well, but I didn’t have time to try it. For those who are wondering, QQ Ramen is this clear jello/vermicelli-like goodness that adds amazing texture to the milk tea. Its a must try! If you are stuck in America, Verde Cafe in Cupertino offers a second rate version of QQ Ramen to appease the QQ-Ramen lover’s cravings. Thats why you will see me there everyday after I return to the Bay Area.

All of the reviews and tips solely reflect my personal opinion.



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