My Tummy is Rumbly, among other things

Chilling at the HKU on-campus Starbucks right now, sipping some vanilla latte and eyeing this fine piece of blueberry cheesecake in front of me.

Today has been busy busy busy, with a load of ups and downs. Dragged myself out of bed at 8am and attempted to put myself together in a business suit (with ghetto heels from Taiwan since I didn’t bring any from the States) for my huge management presentation. My roommate must have thought I was crazy, as I muttered and whisper-rehearsed my speech while brushing my hair. Looked everywhere for my Seinnheiser earphones, but no luck. Sad face.

I walked downstairs just in time to catch the HKU shuttle to campus, and for the first time in a month (I know *guilty face), I proudly strutted into my lecture hall on the dot. Too bad…since it was empty save one random dude in the corner who gave me an up-and-down stare and grunted: “Class canceled because the Professor is sick.” Thanks for the memo.

I guess this counts as a positive, since I was able to enjoy CYM Canteen’s breakfast options, which were actually delicious. First healthy (sort of) breakfast in a looong time: Oatmeal, Milk Tea (no sugar) & a basket of 3 custard buns, for a total of 20 HKD. Not bad!

Not bad for 20 HKD. Nom.

Perhaps I got carried away muttering my speech & chowing down on those buns, but I checked the time to realize I was 3 minutes late for my 10 30 meeting with the group. I bused my half-eatten tray (big sad face) and stuffed a bun in my mouth, making a mad dash for the main library. I made it to my meeting, and quickly gobbled up that yummy bun. Little did I know, that would be my only sustenance until 5:30pm.

Meeting, Rehearsal, Class, Presentation (Owned it!), More Class, Meeting. And so it went, although I did get to have some snazzy FB chat conversations with some cool peeps I haven’t talked to in awhile.

After my last meeting for the Sex & Intimacy project (looks like we may go gay clubbing as a group this weekend for research), I all but FLEW into line at Starbucks. I was ravenous, and I’m pretty sure the poor chums standing next to me in line could hear my rumbly tummy.  One sausage roll later, here I am with my delicious Starbucks goodies (thanks, fat Student Discount :P) perusing the world wide web.

There are two things I am currently excited about.

1. I think I really got bit by the travel bug. Chatted with Farrah, and just received her email on our summer travel plans to go to either Cancun or Cabo! Still in the initial planning stages, but the plan is to go to LA first, and then head down to the tropics. Major props to Farrah, who is looking into it in depth!

2. After chatting with a handful of friends, I realized that a lot of people are interested in travel tips and reviews. In particular, it seems like a whole bunch of my friends are planning to go to Taiwan within the next six months. I’m going to start a Review Page where I give reviews of night markets, hostels, or maybe even travel destinations. I will start with Taiwan, and slowly add to it. Hopefully by the time I enter the real world (sniff sniff), I will have some useful info.

This little blogging resolution of mine to write a post a day is really doing something to me. Some days I see it as nothing but a chore, but as I get into my 3rd month of blogging, I’m really starting to put my heart into it.



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