Until next time, Taiwan

I’m blogging at the Eva Airlines Hello Kitty Terminal in the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport right now, slowing chewing on my last authentic Taiwanese boba. I’m so sad to leave.

For our last day in Taiwan, we overslept. 8 am itineraries just don’t work with potatoheads like us. K jolted awake at 9 30, and we quickly packed to stash our stuff with the hostel staff.

I can now say that I have finally checked the Taipei 101 off my list. We taxied to 101 and rode the world’s fastest elevator to the 89th floor. Unfortunately the 91st floor outdoor observatory was closed, since the wind was strong enough to blow my head off. The 89th floor observatory and the 88th floor wind damper had great views despite the foggy weather. Main thought in mind: man, the 101 is tall!!!

After 101, we rushed to Gong Guan to have one last lunch with friends. Betty, Mary, Vina, Jimmy & Angela were all waiting for us at Gong Guan MTR Exit 2, but it was funny because none of them knew each other yet. Frank soon joined us, and we headed to a hot pot place for lunch. Betty, Mary & Vina are studying abroad at NTU for the semester, and I am so freaking jealous. After lunch, the group headed to Ju Guo Zi for some yummy pearl milk teas. Chen Shan Ding wasn’t open since it was Monday, so we opted for Kenting Duai Duai Nai & Ju Zi Gong Fang. After last goodbyes, we rushed back for an eventful journey to the airport.

These last 12 days have been incredible, and Taiwanese hospitality & kindness is truly unbeatable. From my amazing local friends to the taxi driver who still drove us home when I realized I was short on cash, to the kind couple selling Che Lun Bing at Rao He who gave me another one for free after I clumsily dropped the first — spending time in Taiwan just makes me feel so happy and positive. I will definitely be back soon.

For now, time to fly back in (Hello Kitty) style.


Back in Hong Kong….it’s just not the same. We ate at Crystal Jade to calm our Taiwan withdrawals, but I was just more depressed. Below are pictures, as promised!

Taipei 101, the world's second tallest building.

Awkward Picture taken by random old man. LOL oh well its Potatoheads @ 101!


Lunch! Jimmy, K, Me, & Frank ❤

Angela, Vina, Betty, & Mary 🙂

Group Picture!

Reppin' Hello Kitty Citizens




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