Last Day in Taipei

Today is our last full day in Taiwan. We packed and headed to Gong Guan for my favorite nail spa salon in Taipei, Sweet Smile. It was sooo relaxing and amazing, and even Kasey was pleased with his manicure (mwahaha)!

Nails did: Check. So long overdue!

Tsk tsk K and his secret indulgences (hehe)

We are now at JV Hostel in our quaint, spacious and intricately decorated minimalist themed bedroom. We just had a long and fascinating conversation with a friendly white guy named David. He is completely fluent in Chinese and Cantonese (you would think he’s a local), speaks about 7 other languages, and is an avid kite surfer thinking about settling down in Taiwan. Amazing.

Our room at JV Hostel

Cute decorations around the hostel

We are off to Wu Fen Pu, Rao He Night Market, and Tong Hua Night Market!!! Will update more later!


Huge shopping haul success at Wu Fen Pu, as well as 2 happy and fulfilled pot bellies from the goodies at Rao He & Tong Hua Night Markets. Although I am seriously devastated that tonight will be the last night of night market frenzy until my next visit, I feel very accomplished for successfully showing K to 9 of Taiwan’s top night markets all around Taipei, Taichung, Tainan & Kaohsiung.

Rao He! 🙂

Tong Hua!

The highlight of the night was a sweet little encounter at Rao He. I purchased a Che Lun Bing with custard filling for 10NT from an old couple running the stand. 10 seconds later, I dropped it on the floor. QQing, I headed back to the stand with another 10NT in hand to buy another. The old man handed it over, and refused to take my money. He was like “Bu yong le la! Kai xin jiu hao” (No problem/no need. Being happy is enough). Awwww!! That totally made my night.

Wu Fen Pu  was totally shopper’s heaven, although the prices weren’t as low as I had hoped. I totally went all out, especially since I realized that shops were closing early since it was Sunday (Monday is a big day for retailers to come pick out inventor). I purchased 2 phone accessories, cute sandals, 2 belts (100 NT total = what a steal!), 3 dresses, 1 flowy top, & adorable & sassy couple t-shirts for K & I. Yep. Also since I’m currently K’s Sugar Momma, the bills just keep flying out of my wallet. No regrets though, since this Taiwan experience is worth every penny.



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