Back in Taipei!!!

Today was soooo amazing. The bus ride back to Taipei, the scandalous sexy hospital themed bar restaurant, Shi Da Night Market with Dan = epic day!

We woke up and happily ate the AMAZINGLY delicious cakes that Karen gifted us for breakfast. Then, I trekked to the train station and compared prices/times for buses back to Taipei. I decided to splurge a little for the luxury alternative Aloha, and got a discount price for the new bus leaving at 11pm. Score!

They were DELICIOUS. Thank you so much Karen ❀

The bus ride was so sweet. It was brand new, with huge comfy green seats and android tablets where we could browse a huge assortment of movies. The service was also impeccable: water, towellettes, earphones, blankets, call attendant button, etc. Best of all, it was our private bus, as we were the only passengers. The bus driver was very smooth, and drove straight to Taipei without making any more stops to pick up more people. All this, for 618 NT/person (only about 100 more than the budget alternative Guo Guang).

Woot Woot VIP Private Bus πŸ˜›

We arrived in Taipei around 3, and lugged our stuff to Sunny House Taipei, which turned out to be super cute and quaint. The owner is super chill too, and apparently has backpacked to different places all over the world. We booked a bunk bed, which turned out to be super soft and comfy, with cute cartoon blankets. Posting this from the top bunk right now, sipping some 50 Arashi.

We headed out for the prime destination of the night: DS Music Hospital Restaurant/Bar on Xin Sheng North Road. We were joined by Frank, Irene, Jimmy, & DJ, and the night was a blast with sexy nurses, hospital bed tables, IV jungle juice/cocktails, sexy go-go dancers, quirky games/riddles, and needle shots of sweet and gross. Extremely novel concept, and not to mention, cute girls with nice bodies. K was very happy to have the chance to “conduct research” for his single player friend, especially when one of the dancers gave him a special little dance….

Sexy Showgirl πŸ˜‰


Me giving K some medicine πŸ˜›

I was very impressed by the quirky and scandalous shows (every night at 8pm, 10pm, & 12 pm (featuring a male & female dancer hrmmm…and the lights dim after 8pm), sheer creativeness of everything from the Emergency Room Bathroom to the nurse-fed needle tubes of sugary liquor, and the surprisingly delicious food. Needless to say, all the boys at the table seemed extremely happy at the end of the night.

Group Pic with our favorite sexy nurse πŸ™‚

Dinner was a blast, but the night was still young. We MRTed with Frank & DJ to Gu Ting, and then headed to TaiDa Power Station to meet up with Dan, who is in Taiwan for a Fulbright Scholar Conference. We walked around and explored Shi Da Ye Shi, my favorite night market when I studied abroad in 2009. I was pretty disappointed when I realized Shi Da had drastically shrunk in size and selection due to repeated noise complaints in recent years. A lot of my favorite booths and clothing stores seemed missing, although the existing selection of clothes seemed promising.

Regardless, we had fun walking around and sampling a bunch of Taiwanese snacks, including Gua Bao, Intestines Noodle, Pan Fried Bao Zi, Che Lun Bing, Popcorn Chicken, and this super tasty fruit (Si Jia) that Dan introduced to us. It tasted like a cross between a mango and a pear, and sported this interested spiky green exterior. Afterwards, we successfully met up with Betty and her NTU friends and chatted for a while at Shi Da Night Market about how much we love Taiwan.

Group Pic @ Shi Da πŸ™‚

We ended off the night with our new love and discovery (thanks to Karen!!), Pearl Milk Tea Flavored Ice Cream. It comes with real pearls! Mindblown.


Today was epic. πŸ™‚