Last Day in Kaohsiung: Jet Black Curls, RIP Toothbrush, KTV & Night Market Mania.

Updating from Kaohsiung’s biggest night market Rui Feng with Karen and K. We are having an absolute blast!!!

Today is our last day in Kaohsiung, and I’m so sad to leave tomorrow. Karen has been an amazing friend and gone above and beyond to take us around and make sure we have a great time. I’m so lucky to have such a good friend.

Will update more later. 🙂 Need to make the best of this night.


We started off the day with a girls date to the hair salon, while K snored away and caught up on his beauty sleep. Karen came to our hotel around 11 and we headed out to Asian Power Salon. I dyed my hair jet black (I didn’t want to bleach my hair to get the blue black color I planned), and my stylist curled my hair for me in loose big curls. Can you tell the color is any different?

Nails (will be) done, hair done, everything did.

The process was relatively quick, and several Japanese snacks/magazines later Karen and I were back at the hotel attempt to wake K, who was snoring like a piggie. When he did wake up, he gave me a great present in the toilet…..

Of all things that he could have destroyed, my beautiful toothbrush was apparently the chosen one...

We finally made it out to our first stop: Lunch at a super yummy and cheap hole-in-the-wall in Yan Cheng Pu famous for their soup & xiao long baos. We devoured 3 servings, along with 3 bowls of hot soup. It was very very satisfying. We strolled down toward the water and found ourselves in an extremely artsy district with distinct and unique architecture, statues, and wall paintings in progress.

Potatoheads vs Transformers

KFC vs McDonalds

Sing til the world ends!

I loved it! Along with random intricate art peices scattered along the way, we also visited a wall art exhibit along with a kitty cat exhibition. Every single kitty cat and kitty cat artwork imaginable was present.

After Art Street, we headed to Xin Jue Jiang, which is Kao-Hsiung’s answer to Taipei’s Xi Men Ding. It was a huge shopping area filled with street vendors selling all types of clothes and different assortments of yummy foods – essentially a night market during the day time, in a huge outdoor shopping area. I purchased a simple black tank and a comfy purple sweater, along with several yummy nibbles. K & I bought Piggy-themed couple shirts!!

We MRTed to Ju Dan (Kaohsiung Arena), and karaoked for the next 4 hours. I honestly cannot believe this is my first time singing since January. Although I was totally off tune and hoarse from screaming random songs, it was so much fun with our tight knit little group – everyone just let loose. Poor Karen’s ears though…

To top off the night, we headed to Rui Feng Night Market, Kaohsiung’s largest and most “authentic” (all the locals go to this one) night markets. It was so awesome having Karen as our pro native guide, as she steered us to all the yummy foods worth a try and away from the rip-offs. As a result, we nibbled on quite a few goodies, from Wu Jiang Japanese-style stone roasted chicken to Moon Shrimp Cake. Due the layout of the market, alternating between food and shopping (clothes, cosmetics, appliances & miscellaneous) aisles, we were able to take in a huge assortment of different wares, both edible and inedible. Unique stands that stood out to me were a few of the wall decal stands with cool designs, as well as this one. Unique… clock.

Spot the interesting clock?

We chilled outside 85 Degrees Bakery to rest a bit, while playing some games. Kasey and I both lost a round respectively, so we were tasked to finish half of the bitter “Helping Liver Tea” that Karen purchased. Bleg—Yummyyy! At least my liver is healthier now…

Since it was past 12, we walked to the nearest MRT just in time to see that the last train was leaving in 3 minutes. We quickly bid Karen farewell, and MRTed to Formosa Boulevard. For the next hour, we strolled down the street of Liu He Tourist Market. It was amazing, since there were still so many people at 1am in the morning, walking around and sampling street food. What a strong culture. We ate some more street food, although we shied away from the unique foods that Liu He is famous food – snake skin/meat/soup, goose, and other interesting delicacies. I purchased a cute hair accessory, as well as checkered leather wallet.

We walked the 1.5 blocks back to our hotel happily. My feet hurt as usual after a long day, but every single step was so worth it.

A HUGE thank you to Karen. You are the best ❤

Group Picture :). Thank you so much for everything, and we can't wait to try the cakes. You are too sweet ❤



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