Kaohsiung: Snowflake Ice, Cijin Island, BBQ Feast & A Boat Ride on Love River

This is my third time in Kaohsiung, but it’s the first that I feel like I truly experienced Kaohsiung. Its only Day 1, but Kaohsiung has definitely challenged my prior perceptions about the city and its offerings.

We left Taichung at 9, and arrived at Kaohsiung Main Station around noon. It was super sunny and hot, yet pleasantly breezy. Karen met us up, and took us to the hotel she booked for us. Thanks so much sweetie! ❤

After a delicious Spare Ribs Rice meal with some Gong Cha (I swear they make it better here), Karen escorted us to the MRT & sent us off towards Xi Zi Wan.

We found Hai Zhi Bing, the home of the superlarge Shaved Ice. I still remember sharing a HUGE bowl of fruity shaved ice with a bunch of NTU kids. K & I even went around and broke into the 3rd floor, which was under construction, to search for our wall/table autographs that everyone left behind in Summer 2009. We weren’t successful, but left our own mark on table 21: Potatoheads, March 2012. We indulged in a delicious 2X Fresh Strawberry Tapioca Condensed Milk Shaved Ice. Mmmmmm….

Hai Zhi Bing Round 2, 3 years later.

Since we were the ultimate fatasses, of course we had to cross the street to try the Mango Snowflake Ice. There’s just something about that texture that gets me every time. So delicious.

Afterwards, we boarded a ferry for 15 NT each (roughly 50 cents) towards the beautiful Cijin Island. We were definitely in for quite an interesting ride — very literally, as we rented a pink electric scooter bike contraption which we proceeded to ride around the entire island. We even went into non-bike areas by squeezing/lifting the entire bike over bars. It was so much fun, although I think K was scarred forever by my speeding as I went all out as a cool gangsta moped rider wannabe.


We left Cijin just in time to see the beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Truly captivating!!! Kaohsiung really has a natural beauty to it that I never saw before.

Sunset. Midway point between Cijin & Kaohsiung. Beautiful.

Karen met up with us and we had an AMAZING all-you-can-eat BBQ FEAST at Qi Chang. 3 hours of endless meats, mochis, fried ice cream, hot pot, and even marshmellows…

Karen ❤

The only way to top off our amazing first day in Kaohsiung right was to MRT to Love River. We ate Mister Donut donuts while admiring the beautiful night views of the river, and took the Ai Zhi Chuan (Love Boat) around the Love River. It was super windy and I was terrified my hat would fly off, but it was extremely romantic. I’m so glad K & I added another beautiful memory to our Taiwan experience.

Love River!



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