Thanks for the Memories, Taichung

Taichung is love! Its not as metropolitan as Taipei, nor as industrialized as Kaohsiung, but it can definitely hold its own with super sweet people & weather, amazing night markets, and a quaint ambience. Honestly, I had high expectations since its the homeland of my “dad”/one of my best friends Charlie, but Taichung definitely blew me away.


We were enjoying ourselves at the luxury suite too much we decided to scratch plans to go to AliShan and stay in Taichung for another night. Last night we went to the newer and supposely more chic Yi Zhong Street Night Market and had quite a blast. Yummy food, sweet people, hot girls (K was happy humph), and cute clothes! I got a hat, sexy black off-shoulder skintight dress (must lose weight & rourou QQ), and a super cute yellow polka dot summer dress all for under 1000 NT total (33.8 USD). We nibbled on just about everything, and sipped the second best pearl milk tea I’ve ever had (other one was in Tan Shui, where they used REAL tea bags in the Japanese Style Roasted Milk Tea) from George Peck  before hopping into a taxi back to the hotel.

Today, we woke up just in time to enjoy Bao Hua Hotel’s complimentary breakfast. Then, we were off with 2 missions in mind – Buy bus tickets to Kaohsiung & Find the best Tai Yang Bing (Sun Cakes, Taichung’s specialty) for our friend Rose. Check & Check. We are leaving Taichung at 9am tomorrow for Kaohsiung, and we purchased 阿明師太阳餅 for Rose (after sampling like 10 different 太阳餅 stores hehe).

Our first stop of the day was the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Unbelievably, it was completely free. We strolled around at the various exhibits and marveled at different artwork from all over the world for 3+ hours.

Happy Girl in front of Museum

Art is Living.


It was such a nice and sunny day, so we headed to DongHai University, reputed to be the prettiest university in Taiwan. We strolled around campus, posing as students, and found the Luce Chapel. It was so pretty!

Luce Chapel, DongHai University, Taichung

We walked to nearby International Art Street, which featured themed coffee/tea shops and all sorts of unique and exotic shops. It was very quaint, but my feet were starting to hurt from my cheap flipflops I picked up in Hainan.

Wall @ Art Street Alleyway Coffee Shop

We bused/taxied to the main attraction for the day: Taichung’s FAMOUS Feng Jia Night Market. It was HUGE. So many food venders and clothes shops. We were there for 3+ hours, but didn’t even cover the entire thing. We got tons of food like Kuso Pizza in an ice cream cone, Lu Rou Fan (Minced Pork Rice), E A Jian (Oyster Pancake), Cheese Chicken Steak, Pearl Milk tea with QQ Ramen, Chocolate cakes, and so much more!!! I got so many CUTE tops and adorable dresses. So happy. Here’s a picture of my Taichung haul! I had a blast, although I was super sad my phone malfunctioned so we weren’t able to meet up with my friend Emily :(. Fingers crossed for reunion in Taipei this weekend!

Feng Jia Night Market!

Taichung Night Markets Haul 😛

Relaxing back the hotel now. Sad to leave Taichung, but excited for Kaohsiung first thing tomorrow!



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