Mosquito Carcasses to Luxury Suites, with Sun Moon Lake in the Middle

The unpredictability of travel never ceases to amaze me. I booked hostels only for our nights in Taipei, leaving our living and travel plans completely up in the air from Monday to Friday as we travel throughout Central and Southern Taiwan. For the past two nights, we have been enjoying a prime location next to the Taipei Main Station while suffering shitty lodging quarters. We spent our 2 nights in constant battle with a horde of insects, both dead and alive. On the first night, I hopped into bed to discover a rolly polly olly on my foot. Dead bug carcasses & bloody marks decorated the walls. On our second and thankfully last night, we were mosquito warriers…who lost our war and gave up on our precious Zs at 4 am.

Taichung First Plaza Hotel Luxury Suite~

Tonight, we randomly hopped off a bus from Sun Moon Lake and walked up to the front desks of the first two hotels we saw. 10 minutes later, we were enjoying our sick luxury suite with jacuzzi and flat screen TV, with complimentary breakfast, for 1,250 NT…more than HALF the price of mosquito nation in Taipei. Woot woot, loving Taichung already!

Sun Moon Lake was gorgeous, and the highlight was definitely biking around the lake on this super neat mountain bikes with K. I burned enough calories to justify the massive feasting that is about to occur. Will update more later…the night markets of Taichung are calling!

Sun Moon Lake


Signs cheering us on

Bike, Ferry, Gondola




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