Dan Shui, CKS Memorial & Taipei 101


Dan Shui Shop!

Dan Shui was a blast….although we were slightly (4 hours) behind schedule. Our early morning plans failed as we lazed in bed til noon, and then headed out to explore the Taipei Main Station Underground Mall. We purchased tickets from Guo Guang Ke Yun to Ri Yue Tan (Sun Moon Lake) first thing Monday morning at 7am.

At 2pm, we finally reached the final stop on the red line: Dan Shui. We celebrated with some Mr. Donut, and started our stroll along Dan Shui Lao Jie. It was so. much. fun. We sampled tie dan, fried chicken, pig blood, and so much more! We even bought Dan Shui’s famous super long ice cream! Obviously, we also tried Dan Shui’s trademark A Gei, a tofu skin wrapped around vermicelli with a sweet orangy sauce. Delicious!


We had a blast, and headed toward CKS Memorial after sunset. The plaza was extremely grand, with splendid architecture & beautiful lights that illuminated the entire place. We walked up the steps to the memorial, and looked out before us. Truly a contrast from the hustle and bustle of the Taipei streets.


CKS Memorial

We walked out on to the street, and bused it to Taipei 101. We posed in front of the LOVE landmark, and even though it was already late, managed to sneak into Taipei 101, just to gawk for 2 minutes before slipping out. We decided to walk around and enjoy the nice area for a bit, sipping tea at Tien Ren Tea & exploring Eslite Bookstore, which was surprisingly still open past 11pm.


LOVE under the 101

A Walk near Shi Zheng Fu

What a beautiful day. šŸ™‚



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