Revisiting NTU

Revisiting NTU today was an indescribable feeling. Reuniting and chatting with my old buddies Frank, Wendy, and Jimmy over a scrumptious curry lunch near campus – I was soo soo happy. It’s been 3 years, but the friendships, the memories, and the bonds are still there.

Group Picture in front of my old dorm, Prince Dorm BOT

Being the amazingly sweet buddies they are, everyone accompanied us to buy a SIM at 7-11. K was amazed by the 7-11 superstores.

We took a stroll down memory lane at BOT Prince Dorm. I snuck into the girls hallway and took a look down my hall. So much nostalgia.

After, Frank and Jimmy took us around the beautiful NTU, recalling the ridiculous memories of us lazy exchange students cabbing it to school every hot and humid morning…

I finally got a red NTU sweatshirt and folder, and ate my delicious ice cream milk sandwich.

We are at the new hostel now, about to head out to meet Frank, Irene, Marie and possibly others at Xi Men Ding!



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