Taipei Day 2

Well, technically Taipei Day 1.5.

Last night, after arriving in style via Hello Kitty jet, we took the City Airbus into Taipei, and taxied to our amazing cute and cozy hostel room right across the street from Shilin Night Market. Nice hardwood floors, comfy mattress, nice wardrobe with HANGERS, cute bathroom…and even an adorable mosquito net curtain. Turns out, it was definitely not just there for decoration. Many bug bites later, we made great use of this lovely contraption.

Decked out in Hello Kitty, from the plane exterior to the food!

Hostel Room :)

Even though its been awhile, Taipei just makes me feel at home. I strolled into 7-11, picked up a couple salmon/pork floss onigiris, a meat baozi, and my favorite Bing Cha Shi Oolong Milk Tea. Breakfast was simple, but delicious. For a second, it was like I never left.

We MTRed to Taipei Main Station to catch the Royal Bus up to Jin Shan. Farrah recommended me this amazing hot springs resort called Tien Lai, so I decided to take K there to unwind and comfortably settle in. The bus ride up around millions of curves and hills took quite a while, but our hot spring experience was worth every minute. We jumped from cold pools to hot pools, enjoyed more little fish warm springs, slid down the huge water slide, and even ventured into the nude hot springs. Very interesting!



I guess we were too large we scared everyone else away

What a G


We got back to the city around 5, where the bus dropped us off directly in front of Jian Tan MRT. Althought it wasn’t peak hours of operation yet, we decided to start our Shilin Night Market adventures!

For the next 5 hours, we covered almost every nook and cranny of the night market. We ate 棺材板 (Coffin Cake), 蚵仔煎 (Oyster Pancake, which I’ve been dreaming about since I left), 大腸包小腸 (Big Sausage in Little Sausage), 起司馬鈴薯 (Cheese Potato), Egg Cake, Malaysia Pulled Tea in a bag, 滷肉飯 (Minced Pork with Rice), and Fried Milk. We even found my favorite pearl milk tea place, 50 嵐 (50 Arashi)!

Exotic Milk Tea in a Bag?

I was sad that the underground go-kart racing, electric matador bull, and arcade had closed down a year ago, but comforted myself with some retail therapy :)! Conquests include two cute dresses, a pair of low black heels, cute gladiator-esque sandals, and some cute Taiwanese eyelashes. I love Taiwan!!!

My feet hurt, my tummy is happily stuffed, and I am unwinding on my comfy hostel bed. Its only Day 2 (1.5), but I’m already having such a blast!



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