First Facial + Massage in HK

Woke up feeling meh…and was pretty much nauseous and fatigued most of the day.

I MTR-ed to Jordan for my 4:30 pm appointment with Beau Style, and experienced my first facial + massage in HK. I had a great time conversing with the Thai lady who did my aromatic oil back massage, and seriously had a lot of fun chatting up a storm in Ching-lish with my GUINOT facial specialist. The service was quite good despite the language barrier, and lasted a good three hours.

By the time I re-emerged onto Hillwood Road, it was already 8pm. I rushed around Kimberly Rd to look for congee to bring back to poor K.

It was a torturous journey back from Tsim Sha Tsui to HKU Pok Fu Lam….with my HEAVY backpack & purse, getting jostled by bajillions of people on the MTR & road to the minibus, all while attempting to balance 2 bowls of jook & a cup of horlicks. Definitely memorable though, and well worth it enjoying a nice dindin with my Mr. Potatohead.

Taiwan in 2 days….



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