Cheng Chau Island!

Today was devoted mostly to Cheng Chau Island. We feasted at Tsui Wah and explored some alleyways before making it to Pier 5 for Cheng Chau Island, a bell shaped “Long Island” 10
km west of Hong Kong.

We managed to catch an express ferry right before it departed, and arrived on the island shortly. Upon first impression, Cheng Chau was a quaint and vintage small town not unlike Lamma Island. Even the slight gray and drizzly weather was similar as we strolled down the waterfront. However, Cheng Chau quickly proved to be more lively, vibrant, and colorful. Colorful tricycle carts adorned the sidewalk, and boats of all sizes bobbed up and down on the green waters.

Cheng Chau!

We rented mountain bikes for 3 hours, and headed to the temple for our first stop. We payed our respects with incense, and got our fortunes read. As we emerged from the temple, a dog darted past us with a woman’s bootie in his mouth. He gnawed and fondled his conquest with great fascination, when another dog hounded into the picture. The two dogs faced off and bared their fangs. The newcomer was ultimately successful, and the loser dog slouched off with a whimper of defeat. Aww!

Speed on wheels!

Chuckling, we worked our leg muscles going uphill on the squeaky bikes. We biked through the narrow streets and took a sharp turn. We were greeted by the beautiful beach and a stunning landscape of mountains and crashing waves. Apparently Cheng Chau is the destination to go for windsurfing. We biked along the beach, enjoying the salty breeze.

At a fork uphill, we decided to dismount and explore the “Little Great Wall” on foot. We climbed what seemed to be millions of slippery steps to a Pavillion. We decided to go further, and found ourself near the water, in front of huge rocks. We explored the crevices between the rocks, which formed a sort of minicave. We proceeded to climb as high as we could, given my choice in footwear: beige Clarks sandals….

We made our way back to our bikes and resumed our exploring. We sampled delicious cakes (featured on TVB!) like Osmanthus and white sugar.

After a brief biking showdown, we returned our bikes and continued our adventure on foot. We nibbled on frozen fruit skewers, freshly made real potato chips on a skewer, more cakes, and big curry fish balls. We even sampled a pound of local Chinese candy. We even saw Hello Kitty waffles!

Hello Kitty!

I ❤ Cheung Chau!

We ended the night with some delicious xiaolongbao (little dragon baos) at A Weng’s La Mien Xiao Long Bao. At 6 30, we were the last ones to successfully hop on the ferry back to Central.

Now, we are chilling at IFC, waiting to watch This Means War at 10.

Happy Saturday!



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