Lazy Fridays

Friday symbolizes the full start of my weekend. To fully live it up, I woke up lazily at noon. The bed was so comfy and my pillow was so soft that I decided to stay in bed, reading the news, perusing blogs, and humming softly to soothing ballads.

By the time K woke up & texted me, it was already half past four. At 5, I decided to take a leisurely stroll and inhale some fresh air. I ambled down Sassoon Rd. No makeup, bed hair, mismatched but comfy outfit. Organic state.

I ended up walking all the way down the mountain down to Cyberport. The view was amazing along the way. To think that I lived so close but had not bothered coming downhill til now.



The Cyperport shopping center is beautiful, modern, yet oddly quiet. There is no typical Hong Kong-esque bustle, and only occasionally did a shopper walk past me in the halls.

I explore Sea View Terrace, and craving Taiwanese food, sat down to eat at Kuku Restaurant with me, myself and I.
The coconut taro pearl milk tea was delicious, but my oyster pancake was a disappointment.

Intricate, yet isolated.

It’s dark outside now. Should be interesting as I try to find my way back.



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