Thrilling Thursday: Food Hunt & Celeb Sighting!

Today started off horribly, but has improved dramatically as the day progressed.

My morning, involving a lost Sennheiser earbud, heavy rain with no umbrella, and missed shuttles, improved drastically through yummy Starbucks, lunch with Steven, and a magical 2pm return home since my 4pm class was cancelled. My roommate wasn’t home yet, so it felt so nice to enjoy the afternoon breeze flow through the window. My side of the room was clean and decorated with my personal flair. A faint rosy fragrance emanated from my freshly washed clothes, hung up around my room to air dry. I realized this was the first time I was able to enjoy alone time immersed in my personal space since coming to HK. I watched some Glee, whatsapped Farrah, and reflected on past experiences/lessons.

My Desk šŸ™‚

Under K’s pouty face attack, I dragged myself out to explore hole-in-the-wall Cha Can Tengs. Star Cafe was our first stop, located in a seedy basement littered with cigarette stubs. The tomato egg noodles were delicious.

Star Cafe!

Our next destination was Five Generation dessert. On the way, we bumped into Yu Wen Le (Shawn Yu), a famous Asian superstar featured in movies like Initial D, on Kimberly Rd. He was so cute albeit kind of short in person!

Perhaps our celeb sighting brightened our taste buds, but Five Generation Desserts was delicious! We feasted on Angel snowflake ice, mango coconut roll, and strawberry souffle.


Angel Snowflake Ice

After more roaming around TST, we ended the night exploring ISquare and grabbing my first froyo in HK. Although pricey, it was delicious! Definitely gives Yogurtland a run for their money.

At the end of the day šŸ™‚

On the minibus back up the mountain to HKU now. The driver drives like a madman.



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