TST to Mongkok

Three things absolutely made my day. The first thing was my trek with Paul from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok (4 MTR Stops) and our stop at 貴花甜 Gourmet Desserts Cafe in Yau Ma Dei. We sampled their award-winning “特級雙重酒香火焰雪山雪糕” Flaming Brandy Snowy Mountain Dessert. They literally set it on fire, and it was a very interesting combination of this foamy outer layer, pine nuts, ice cream, cheese cake, with brandy and fruit on the bottom. Very unique. To add to our momentum, we enjoyed another delicious mango souffle – it practically melted in my mouth. Délicieux!

Flaming Brandy Dessert Concoction

Paul, Gourmet Dessert & I

The second thing was FINALLY successfully finding the curry beef bread bowl in Mong Kok. Paul and I practiced our language skills with him speaking to me in Mandarin and me (attempting to) replying to him in Cantonese. I attempted to order the bread bowl in Canto, but epically failed much to Paul’s amusement.

The final thing was eatting the bread browl with K together on campus. It was the best soup and curry beef bowl I have EVER had. For dessert, K presented with me an adorable dessert from Starbucks. Now, K & I are “studying” in the library. Charles came by to chat for a bit, and now we are just being silly and obnoxious in the library. Typical tuesdays 😛

A sweet dessert from K



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