Muddled Mondays (& Hainan Pics + Recap)

After 10 hours of hobo life, getting poked/yelled at by airport security to de-hobo & wake up, we finally boarded our 9 40 train from Haikou Airport to Shenzhen.

Take-off was delayed by a good hour, so we finally got to Shenzhen by noon. Us four zombies then proceeded to ride the 30 stops to the Luo Hu Shenzhen Border, and transfer twice on the MTR from Luo Hu to Gou Long Tong to Yau Ma Tei Red Line.

We split up at Admiralty, where K & I finally received our spiffy personalized student octopus cards!

We roamed Admiralty for a bit, going up to the roof to play on the the rooftop playground. K spun me around on the little red carousel, while I looked up at the skyscrapers looming down back at me.

At 5pm, I finally made it home. 3 hours later, I met up with Syreeta, Clarissa, Hari, Alex & Alex 2 in Wan Chai for our groupon buffet meal at Mayotte. It was the most bizarre combination ever of food – sashimi, soup, steak & fries, oysters, more sashimi, skewers, & creme brulee + milk tea, but pretty bomb for the price (98 HKD). I also had a great time meeting/chatting with everyone. Afterwards, we strolled along Wan Chai & Causeway checking out the “spas” and “massage parlours” that dotted the area. Particular interest was taken in the ones that served “male services only”. *Strokes Beard*.

Here are a few pictures from our Hainan excursion!

Potatoheads @ Betel Nut Valley, Sanya

Scuba Diving @ West Island, Sanya

Our Favorite Noodle Place in Hainan (probably all of China)

K thundering across the seas

Mickey & Minnie Strolling Along Da Dong Hai Bay Beach

In the past 3.5 days, we have ziplined over the Betel Nut Valley rainforest, walked across several suspension bridges, sampled ethnic Li & Miao minority foods, speedboated to West  Island, scuba dived alongside colorful fish and coral, relaxed in 15 different hot springs, eaten tons of Halal noodles, banana boated & thrown into Da Dong Hai Bay, and jetski-ed our hearts content. We have also slept on the floor in the dark as hobos for 10 hours at the Hainan airport, been squished in many jam-packed Chinese public buses, and experienced the sadness of rip-offs/rigged partnerships/empty wallets. I don’t know how else epic can be spelled.

I will never forget Hainan, February 2012.



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