Today has been pretty fun. We took the bullet train to Sanya from Haikou and checked into our cool hostel by Sanya Bay Beach. We walked around, sampled street food, and even attempted to join a huge troupe of natives dancing by the beach under the coconut palm trees. At an ethnic Xinjiang Halal restaurant, we ran into a super friendly American couple who had been vacationing in Hainan for a few days. Turns out, they were fellow Californians and the husband was actually studying abroad at National Taiwan University, just like me in 2009. We instantly hit it off and we scored some tips from them on the hot spots to go. All the muslim chinese workers seem captivated by our English conversation, and repeatedly snapped pictures on their phone. One old man in particular, was entranced and set a picture of the couple and I as his cellphone desktop. Hrmmm…

After they left, we enjoyed what probably was the best noodles I have ever tasted. They were handmade from scratch right in front of us by a buff chef, and sooo soo chewy & hearty.

More skewers and some snack shopping followed as we enjoyed the Hainan tropical breeze.

Will update more later; we need to wake up at 8 am tomorrow for a full day of activities planned.




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