VDay 1.5 with Mr. P

Today was, all in all, a wonderful day. 🙂

I successfully rose from bed at 8am to prepare for my 9:30 Globalization class, and even made the 9:20 shuttle (I didn’t know there was one). Yakim and I were one of the last ones the driver allowed on the bus. Success X2!

Globalization and Management were pretty interesting, although I felt a lot of the philosophies we discussed in Managements were either self-explanatory or contradictory to each other. Obviously, next came Sex & Intimacy. Today’s highlight was our guest speaker Rai, a very openly gay man passionate about BDSM. He prepared a very interesting powerpoint about his story, complete with pictures and quotes. He even brought along his “tools” like ropes and books for show & tell. The quote of the day in regards to this class was “There is a bit of brokeback mountain in everyone”.

I rushed home to change for the main event of today: K & I’s Valentine’s Day 1.5 Dinner, set at 8:30. First, I taxied to Central to meet up with my old GCC (Global China Connection) regional network advisor, Sean Quirk. We’ve talked via phone and internet like 50+ times probably, but this is the first time we got to actually meet in person. I had a great time chatting with him about Hong Kong, Asia, career options, and other reflections.

At 7:30, K and I met up at Central. Looking like a stud in his nice suit, K escorted me to La Parole for a lovely gourmet French dinner. The food was delicious, company was amazing, and it was truly a memorable first Valentine’s Day. Thank you moomoo potatohead ❤

Potatohead Vday 1

Vday 1.5 Dinner

I also borrowed K’s Iphone to steal his pictures, so here are some more pictures from our Shenzhen/Guilin/Yangshuo Excursion, courtesy of K!

Mike & I on the ghetto sleeper bus to Guilin!

Pondering atop a beautiful Yang Shuo mountain

Chilling with the NYC skyline. NBD.

Leaning Tower of Piza!

2.13.2012. ILY ❤



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