Blegh. Woke up with a nosebleed & pimple. QQ. I guess I’m not so used to HK’s humidity. Missed my morning class and took K out to Water Street for lunch. Lunch at the Taiwanese place I went to last time was simple, but scrumptious. We walked all the way down Water Street and explored the very local area. K marveled at how close this was to campus. I love my local friends! 🙂

We headed back on campus to just in time to see the famous Canto singer Sam Hui perform. Apparently he was an HKU alumni, and was here to celebrate HKU’s Centenary!

The Legendary Sam Hui

The Crowd Behind Me

Sat through management coordinating trips. Finally, the flights to Hainan are almost finalized. Props to Andrea for helping us book! I made considerable progress in planning out our Hainan itinerary. For this weekend, a big group of exchange students want to go to Shenzhen & Guilin, so I chatted with them via Facebook to plan things out. *Fingers crossed* that we can work out something successful. I

Sex & Intimacy was intense as usual….its like the norm to be outrageous. We watched this porno clip about Annabelle Cheng, an adult actress who f**ked 251 men in 10 hours. She wanted to “piss take on the notion of masculinity”. Another clip was this hilarious clip on why its better to be the mistress/girlfriend as compared to wife. Classic quote: “Why you want to be wife and take all his crap? Be the mistress and the man give you his life, love, & sperm.” Sounds a bit ridiculous, but its an interesting viewpoint. This class will definitely challenge my perspective and teach me lots of interesting sex trivia. Next week we have our first tutorial (on Valentine’s Day QQ) and our first guest speaker: a gay guy into BDSM. Should be interesting!

After classes I headed to Westwood for some shopping, and heard the most random song ever. The lyrics went something like “McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, He He He!”….and kept repeating. Only in Asia.

On a completely random note, this picture is so cute! Hehe!

Only the Happiest Pic Ever! 🙂





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