HKU Shuttle, Fail HKID & Yummy Wan Chai Pork Chop

Today started off successfully – I rolled down the stairs at 10 03 to join a huge line of students queueing up for the HKU school shuttle scheduled to depart at 10 10. The line was humongous, and growing by the second. The school shuttle is only 2 HKD and goes directly campus, but it only has 56 precious and highly regarded seats. To my exhilaration, I was the LAST person to make it. Everyone else behind me was turned away, but because I took one less second to put on my shoe, I claimed the trophy: the last seat on the bus. It was the most awkward seat – the middle seat of the last row, but it was a seat nonetheless. That was a great start to my day.

I spent most of Management looking at different booking websites and comparing prices for travel. I am booking tickets to Hainan for the weekend after Valentines Day with K, Vincent, & Henry with the help of my bestie Andrea (you need a Chinese bank account & mobile number for confirmations in order to take advantage of the Chinese rates). After class, I rushed to meet my HKU buddy Alex.

Alex & I!

Alex took me to this amazing Xinjiang flavor restaurant that is featured in the Michelin Guide! It was super delicious and tasty, with extremely reasonable prices, and oozed with cultural flair! We ordered lamb, spiced chicken wings, noodles, and this apricot juice. They served us complimentary vegetable soup! Not only was lunch scrumptious, I also greatly enjoyed my lunch with Alex. Alex is originally from Hunan in Mainland, so we conversed in Ching-lish. Its really great that I have a buddy that not only speaks Cantonese, but is also fluent in my two dominant languages. He gave me so many tips on where to go and how to get there around Southern China, and even gave me some Lemon Ginger Candy as a souvenir from Macau. It was so sweet. 🙂

Michelin Rated - Ba Yi!

We made it back to campus (the place is so close!) just in time for our respective 1pms, so I rushed to Marketing. Lovely Baniel was late as usual, and super funny. I started zoning out as I did research and came up with a proposal for this weekend. I got super into it and a bunch of other exchange students seemed to be interested in joining. I chatted and discussed with them until Steven “snuck in”, and we very conspicuously “snuck out” during break to head to Wan Chai Immigration Tower. We jacked a computer at the library some student was saving to print our forms, and rushed over. Unfortunately, their walk-in quota was already full for the day, and our attempts to bs an appointment completely failed; that was a bummer :(.

Steven was hungry so we decide to Open Rice (HK’s version of Yelp) it. We ended up stumbling on this ghetto hole-in-the-wall with the most deliciouso pork chop! Good conversation + delicious pork chop/milk tea = my idea of a great linner.

Where we ate! 🙂

We minibused it back and I got off at HKU to find K in the library. I really like this floor (2) – you can rent and watch movies all day err day, and use the individual cubbies to do your thing. Now we are at the canteen atop of Global Lounge, where I am watching K nomnom away. 🙂 So cute!

This semester is going to be crazy!I am also heading into Shenzhen and hopefully Guilin this weekend. Hainan in two weeks. Cheng Chau Island &  Lantou Island are upcoming day trips, as well as Macau. Taiwan is booked for 3/1-3/12. My parents/aunt & uncle are coming to visit the following weekend. We are flying to Japan in early April. I also want to cram in a few more trips to China, as well as a visit to one or two of the Southeastern countries – Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand? As for May, I am honestly considering ditching graduation altogether (overrated) and just fly to China to travel and spend some quality time with my family until I start work in June.

This year has sure been a year of change and growth. I absolutely can’t wait!


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