HSBC, UGGS, & Crying Wallet

Today, we headed on campus to open student accounts with HSBC. I applied for a student credit card, and exchanged some RMB. A good 40-50 minutes later, K & I emerged with our spiffy HSBC Student Check Cards. I grabbed a delicious sausage roll from Starbucks (why can’t they have yummy food in the US Starbucks??) with my snazzy HKU student discount, and we ambled toward the minibus stop on Bonheim Road with two goals in mind: find a pair of Uggs at Tsim Sha Tsui, and go to Pokfulam Amenities Centre to get new keys (they switched our locks). Check & Check, but not without some adventures first.

K forgot his Octopus card, so he had to use the noob single ticket machine :P, and we finally realized the importance of change. I also greatly appreciated my 50% student discount on all MTR rides thanks to my spiffy Student Octopus.

QQ-ing K

We hopped off at Tsim Sha Tsui and took exit A1 to Harbour City, in search of my Uggs. There was such a cute chocolate & sweets exhibit going on, with a giant chocolate fondue fountain in the middle of the mall. Major props – it was so cute!

Molah & Strawberry!

Finally found Lane Crawford & my Uggs, tried on a bunch, and settled on pair of tall black boots. I really liked these brown studded ones, but black = versatile, simple, and very me. Swiped my Citi card with a big QQ – the Ugg boots are SO overpriced here! I could have gotten them for 200 USD online, but it won’t ship to HK. Apparently Uggs are only sold at very limited retail locations in HK, so LC was probably my best bet. Voila the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought! My splurge fest is over!

After we left, I had a rawr rawr battle with K, but quickly made up (as usual :P). We stocked up on baked goods at our favorite Panache Cafe & Bakery at ISquare, and warmed up with some Pho at Pho 24. We decided to call it a day, head back to get keys, and do some work for once. When we boarded the minibus at Exchange Square in Central, I realized this was the first time we were actually heading home when it wasn’t already pitch black outside.

This Boy... 🙂

Life in Hong Kong is turning out, not so bad. Sometimes I wonder how different my experience would be so far if K didn’t study abroad with me at the same school, or live so close. I’m sure it definitely would have been different, but definitely not better. Just being here with my significant other, exploring a foreign city, adjusting to a different lifestyle, meeting all these diverse people – I think its so special to be able to do all of these things together with him. It hasn’t been all candies and rainbows since we got here, but I don’t think I would trade this experience with him. Ever.

Now that I’m home, I have a bunch of to-dos for tonight. Plan out important dates for school (apparently I am group leader of my small group for my Management class!), do homework, clean room and organized my work, finally finish unpacking from China, and plan with K on booking flights to Japan!!! Stay tuned!



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