I definitely started off my day right by passing out until 3pm. Chatted with Farrah for a bit, and then headed out with K to campus.

We printed our Groupons at the library, and headed to Mongkok Langham Place. We ate a delicious dinner at the LP Food Court (Curry Cutlet & Indonesian Curry Beef mmmm!), and K bought me some delicious mochi sweets. At 7:40, we headed to UA Cinemas to watch Viral Factor. Some parts of it were kind of cheesy, but it was actually a pretty decent action flick. Not bad at all!


After the movie, we roamed the streets of Mongkok and Yau Ma Tei, strolling through Ladies Market and sampling street food. I really like the herbal drink shops. Its 8-16 HKD for a bowl of hot herbal liquid, with certain perceived health benefits like “lessening internal fire”. Placebo effect or not, I felt pretty good after my bowl of 野葛菜水.

Healthy Medicinal Drink

Delicious Street Food!

After stuffing our faces, we chased the 970  bus for a block and successfully flagged it down at the red light. I haven’t seen K run so fast in a while…LOL. We went to the top deck and enjoyed front row seats all the way back home.



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