Gibbons, Cheap Bargain Buys, & Mr. Wong’s!

Today was probably one of the funnest days so far in Hong Kong.

I woke up around 10, and headed out for a “Flatmates Day Out” with Arden, Anna Maria, and Paula. We minibused to LKF to retrieve Anna Maria’s lost phone, and then wandered around Central trying to locate our destination: the Hong Kong Zoological Gardens. After asking several passersby for directions, we trudged up a steep hill and finally reached our destination.

The Zoological Gardens were amazing! We saw chimps, gibbons, turtles, sloths, and crazy colorful pheasants among beautiful orchids and plants at the green house. We even saw the stuffed remains of an old leopard that passed away of old age in 2008. The juxtaposition to a stretched out piece of leopard skin mounted on the wall was slightly disturbing. Overall, it was amazing! I got to see so many interesting animals, spend some quality time with the flatmates, and the whole thing was completely free!


Afterwards, We walked down to Central and headed to Kwai Fong, about 12 stops on the Tsuen Wan line. We sampled some more street food and sushi (3 HKD/item!). Obviously, I stocked up on some salmon nigiris! Steven & Leroy met up with us, and we were off to our prime destination for the day: Kwai Chung Market!


The 5 floors of the market were filled with cheap and cute bargain buys – nuff said! My conquests for the day included a foundation base, cheap but super cute blazer, and a red top for 30 HKD!


Group Pic! 🙂

I MTRed back with the flatmates to Admiralty, when I transfered to Causeway Bay to meet up with K and his friend Alan, a family friend’s friend who works at TVB! Alan was super chill and showed us all the local eats. He even helped us find Mr Wong’s in Yau Ma Te!

After Alan left,  K & I hung out with JP, Nick and Carson at Mr Wong’s in Yau Ma Te now! Although we were stuffed and didn’t eat, I had a pretty great time just chilling and chatting with everyone. We ended up heading home around 1 30, managing to catch the last 970X back to our favorite Sassoon Road.



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